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  StoreDot calls for more car companies to adopt the mindset and agility of start-ups and to work more in tandem with groundbreaking technology companies to enable and accelerate innovation and global EV market growth StoreDot’s CEO observes varying approaches in automotive manufacturers and their willingness to adopt new innovative battery technologies OEMs that reevaluate…
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9th March 2023 0

The Role of Lithium-Ion Battery Packs in Power Management | Alexander Technologies

High-Quality Power Management & Mission-Critical Applications Batteries fuel success. There are countless businesses using the latest custom battery packs to improve efficiency, especially in mission-critical applications. Here, we will explore how important high-quality power management systems are to mission-critical applications, as well as taking a look at the role of lithium-ion batteries. What are mission-critical…
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6th November 2022 0

European Battery Alliance – A domestic raw material supply chain is essential for Europe’s battery ambition

Europe can proudly and accurately call itself a climate leader in a number of spheres. The Fit for 55 package is the latest boost to Europe’s green ambitions, confirmed regarding the transport sector by a positive vote of the EU Council in the June for increased CO2 reduction targets for new cars and new vans…
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15th September 2022 0

The U.S Senate’s new Inflation Reduction Act is a misnomer for the EV battery market

The clean energy package will stimulate manufacturing and retail of sustainable energy products, but might the battery sector be looking at unintended consequences? The EV sector is already hyper stimulated with demand outstripping supply. Latest research from across 18 countries shows that 52% of car buyers want their next car to be a BEV[i] but vehicle production…
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22nd August 2022 0

Polestar: Staying current about current: the latest from the world of batteries

Everyone knows that EVs have batteries. Keeping up with the ever-evolving world of batteries, however, is a different story. This is why we decided to break it down. In this series, we will explore the state-of-the-art of EV batteries, answer the most common questions about their second life applications, and provide a breakdown of cutting-edge…
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6th April 2022 0