Eurocell look to build a European Gigafactory to supply world-leading ‘production ready’ batteries in just 12 months

Eurocell look to build a European Gigafactory to supply world-leading ‘production ready’ batteries in just 12 months

16th February 2022 Gigafactory 0
  • Anglo-Korean battery manufacturer Eurocell to build a Gigafactory in Western Europe
  • Phased strategy and proven, production ready technology means it can start manufacturing at scale within 12 months – far quicker than other Gigafactories
  • Innovative and disruptive technology outperforms conventional lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, automotive, e-mobility
  • Eurocell batteries are safer, higher performing in every condition and lasts 10 times longer than conventional lithium-Ion – eradicating all ‘end of life’ issues
  • New European home of Eurocell will benefit from huge jobs and investment boost, as well as transfer of world-leading skills and technology from Korea

BIRMINGHAM 16 February 2022 – Eurocell, the Anglo-Korean next-generation battery company, is set to build its first European Gigafactory, producing proven ‘production ready’ technologies in just 12 months, far faster than other Gigafactories. This is possible as Eurocell has a proven battery product which is ready for scaled-up manufacturing.

With an initial £600 million investment planned over two phases, it intends to supply European energy storage, automotive, and e-mobility applications. Full capacity will be reached as early as 2025.

The company will mass-produce and export its market-leading technologies from one of three key markets, the UK, the Netherlands or Spain. It is already actively looking at sites and the final choice is heavily dependent on gaining the right level of central government support and investment.

The host country selected will benefit from the creation of hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, transferring vital skills from Korean battery experts and boosting the economy in a strategic sector crucial to achieving Europe’s net zero ambitions.

Eurocell’s batteries, developed in Korea, also have a considerable technical advantage, lasting over ten times longer than conventional lithium-ion cells, making them far more sustainable, with no ‘end of life’ issues and perfect for ESS applications given its 100% safe and high performance. Their wide range of operating temperatures also makes them ideally suited to areas with extreme weather and without an existing grid network.

Recardo Bruins, CEO Eurocell EMEA “Eurocell in the UK is a new company, led by a highly experienced UK team and backed by our South Korean partner with decades of experience in electro-chemistry, making batteries at mass-scale and building the Gigafactories to produce them. Now we are planning to rapidly expand in Europe, supplying the energy storage and automotive industries with our market-leading technologies that last longer, perform better and are 100% safe. These products can be on the market in months, not years.

“To fulfil our mission, we are actively seeking a European manufacturing base and are in advanced discussions with sites in the UK, Netherlands and Spain. With the right level of central engagement and support we are keen to take advantage of the rapidly growing European market as quickly as possible.”

Eurocell intends to construct its new Gigafactory in two phases. The first phase will begin producing advanced battery cells at scale by early 2023 for existing customers. In parallel a bespoke facility will be constructed on the same site, capable of producing in excess of 40 million cells per year by 2025.

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About Eurocell

Eurocell-EMEA is an Anglo-Korean company specialising in disruptive next-generation battery technologies. It is committed to building a European Gigafactory to supply world-leading production-ready batteries by 2023 and will be at full capacity by 2025.

The company uses verified and proven technology, developed by world-class South Korean developers, delivering higher performance than conventional lithium-ion batteries. They are safer, faster charging and discharging, longer lasting and able to operate in more extreme temperature conditions. As such they are ideally suited for all applications, including residential and distributed storage, charging infrastructure, automotive and mobility and auxiliary power systems.

Eurocell EMEA is a joint venture between FIC EMEA and three Korean battery technology experts,  Eurocell, FIC Advanced Materials and Indong Advanced Materials.


Source: Eurocell building a European Gigafactory to supply world-leading ‘production ready’ batteries in just 12 months | Newspress UK